WHY, my friend?

 My friend, you know many people disappointed to us. Because all of them know how we loved each other. But my friend. Why? why? Why all of this need to happen.

You know . I remember we want our friendship to be everlasting. Am I right? But how that will supposed to happened if you give up..

My friend, I know I'm so artistic. But you know me. I placed that attitude. I don't want to be judge by the people around me.

They think I'm bad because they just witnessed you suffering. But why? They don't even know me. And yes you are not only the one who suffer.

Also me. Everytime I wake up , I will ask myself ' what are the things I've done for you to give up' it hurts me a lot.

Yah. Someone told me na wala namang mawawala pag may isang nagbaba ng pride.

I also want that. But my friend how many times I forgive you. And how many times I ask you to have patience to me.

Pride that doesn't matter for me. But I think for you its matter a lot.

My frie…
Dear Ex -Best friend,

   I don't know how to start this letter. All I know that  I just need  my emotions out and shared. Ang hirap kasing harapin ang panibagong bukas na mabigat ung pakiramdam.
      I write this for you to understand why these few weeks I act like this, which ends up for you to decide to let's have a break.
      So Ill start.

First. What is my reasons behind why I act like that.
          Simple. That't what you said. Yah. I think its about the wattpad thing. But my friend you know me. I don't get over acting if just to simple huh? Do you even know me? Oh no.. Am I don't notice? My friend we are almost 8 years in our friendship. And I think you know me very well. But how our friendship end up like that. If you know me very much. Huh? 
      Simple. But I think you got it wrong, friend.

Second. Do you think that's enough reason for me to be mad at you.
        Yah, right. My friend, we're almost 8 years best friend so as if I know, you know me ve…
" One -Sided Love"

Do you even try this one?
I know, most of us love one another but
is your love ones loved you too, like the way you love him/her.

For me, One -sided love is like a torture, because you just waiting for something that you already know that might not happen. You're just looking at him/her who doesn't look at you at least once.

Thinking about you two, day and night were probably cross mine, but not. You're just being a stupid looking at your phone if it will beep, if someone remember to call you or even just a simple hello. When you text them they response but so indifference.
One -sided love. it is a crush, a battlefield, a self -destruction, an obsession, a infatuation and it is also about loyalty.
Crush because this is the first step we like them the first step that their inspire us. That we admire them for all of the things they do.Battle field, because we have many competitors between them , between the love you give to each other. A battlefield th…
"The Real Me"
Ugh I don’t really know how do I start telling facts and stuff about myself.  I find it very hard to describe myself in a positive way without sounding arrogant.
 I'm Kim, let me tell some facts about myself.  So, it is hard to me to described myself I don't know why but I'm a happy person, dreamer and most of all I want to  be a model.
It's just our secret guys, that's my ultimate goal in my life and to become a successful professional Doctor. I'm a middle child in our family and in our family I am the most hyper, sorry but I do't want to sound arrogant. So if you want to know me better just visit my blog. Thank you.
Is there one of us deserve this kind of situation? Most of us, millennial , know about this. Where your friend just like you're confession. Ugh. How poor, but cheer up there are so much people destined to be with us.
I think friend -zoned is in average of heart break, because although that it's hurt you must go on. The most hurtful thing  is he/she just ignored your confessing, but it's not because he/she is your friend, beacause you do love each other.

If if you will ask me. Yes, I got friend -zoned in
my second crush.
My second crush is my friend, he ask me and 
I say it's him but he just say okay.
Ughh! It's hurt me so bad, but it's okay
because until now, we're just good friend.

   Friend -zoned a situation in which a friendship exists
 between two people,
 one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest
 in the other.

So, I had advice to everyone of us, if you got
this feeling or you want to confess with your friend
about your …
"Bakit...Pag- ibig"

Tanong na palaging naririnig?
Naririnig sa mga tanong na mahirap sagutin,
Bakit? Tanong sa sagot na mahirap siyasatin;
Bago makuha ang nais na sagot kailangan ka pang lituhin.

Itong tanong ba na ito ay nararapat,
Nararapat na sabihin sa taong nanakit lamang sayo,
Bakit niya ko sinaktan?
Na siya lamang ang nakakaalam mismo.

Bakit..Pag -ibig? Bakit mo ako sinaktan,
Matapos lahat ng bagay ng ipinagkaloob ko sa iyo,
Paano mo nagawa sa akin ito,
Hindi pa ba sapat ang lahat ng ating pinagsamahan.

Nanghihinayang ako, dahil sa iyo kung pa ipinagkaloob,
ang matamis na Oong sagot,
Na maraming taong humahanggad na maabot,
sa taong minamahal nila ng lubos.

Sana, hindi muna ako nagmadali,
Nang hindi napunta sa taong mali,
Sa taong sasaktan at paiiyakin lamang ako,
Bakit? Bakit ako naging atat sa bagay na may tamang panahon.

Bakit? Bakit ko siya sinagot?
Bakit? Bakit niya ako niloko?
Bakit? Bakit pa siya naghanap ng iba?
Bakit hindi pa ba ako sapat?

Bakit?Sabihin niyo ang tamang sagot,
at nang …